At Quatrepams we offer unique gastronomic experiences. A high level gastronomic offer based on local cuisine and ecological products.

Our itinerant gastronomy concept starts from a fundamental principle: create a gastronomic experience cooked “in situ” in a very special place.

We conceive our events as a global and unique experience, where all the elements coexist in perfect harmony.

That’s why our gastronomic offer is adapted to the place where it will be enjoyed, and the other way around: we have the perfect place to enjoy a unique and spectacularly gastronomic proposal.

We love events that include participative, educational or playing activities with the global spirit of the celebration. Together, with the magical environment and gastronomy, close the circle of an incomparable experience.

Customers can choose between gastronomic offers, locations and activities we propose to compose his customized and personal experience. They can even propose his own ideas that will be managed and will be carried out if it’s possible.

You can also enjoy our gastronomic offer in our own locations. We have our own and personal resources and products. This allows us to cook our gastronomic offer and organize our activities in different locations, maintaining an absolute and totally personal control over the services we offer.


C/ Mare de Déu de Montserrat 38, 5è 1a

08401 Granollers


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